Become HIPAA Compliant

We take the burden of compliance, and guarantee our work.

We'll cover all the bases

After completing a HIPAA risk assessment we can then cover both the privacy rule and security rule.

Implementing our solutions

After evaluation we can then begin development and implementation of HIPAA compliance program policies and procedures, while also providing staff training on their role in adhering to HIPAA law.

The HIPAA Security Rule is made up of 3 parts.

Technical Safeguards

The Technical Safeguards focus on the technology that protects PHI and controls access to it.

Physical Safeguards

Physical Safeguards are a set of rules and guidelines that focus on the physical access to PHI.

Administrative Safeguards

The Administrative Safeguards are a collection of policies and procedures that govern the conduct of the workforce, and the security measures put in place to protect ePHI.